Major Taylor Cycling Jersey - Female Red

Major Taylor Cycling Jersey - Female Red
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Marshall “Major” Taylor, a favorite son of Indiana is interned in Chicago Illinois. Marshall “Major” Taylor was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1892. Marshall Taylor grew up in Indianapolis receiving a bicycle as a gift from a wealthy family. He earned the nickname “Major” as an employee performing cycling stunts in front of local cycle shop wearing a military uniform. The owner entered Major in local cycling events around Indiana and he won his first race at age of 11. Major Taylor's first known world-record time was unofficially set at the Capital City Track in Indianapolis on September 2, 1896. Major Taylor was not allowed to officially race in Indiana and moved to Massachusetts and won his first official race in Madison Square Gardens, NY December of 1896. Major went on to win races in around the US, Europe and Australia. He moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1930 and tried to sell his self published autobiography in which he described actions, some violent, by cyclists unhappy about competing with an African American. Taylor also recounted discrimination by American hotel and restaurant owners. Major Taylor passed away in June 21, 1932. He was buried at Mt. Glenwood Cemetery near Chicago, Illinois. Major Taylor Indiana/Illinois Cycling Jersey with 18" Hidden Zipper - 100% ProSensor Advanced Moisture Transfer Fabric with three large rear pockets.

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